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    Injured On The Job & No One Is Helping?

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    It’s normal to feel lost after you’ve been injured at work. Right after your injury, things can get really tough and frustrating. Common issues we see are:

    • Getting the Right Care: A lot of times, doctors don’t give injured workers the care they need. They might say you’re fine and send you back to work, even when you’re not okay. Meanwhile, your real injury stays untreated.
    • Chasing Answers from Adjusters: Sometimes, it may seem like the adjuster or insurance company is on your side to help you heal. But that’s often not true. They make it an uphill battle to reach them, and you might end up in voicemail limbo. They think you don’t know the system and want you to give up. But you don’t have to. You deserve better. And that is where we come in.
    • Insurance Not Paying When You Can’t Work: By law in California, if you’re hurt and can’t do your job, you are owed money to make up for your lost wages while you get better. But this is often denied for no reason. You might get sent to shady doctors or just not get paid. It’s tough to stand up for yourself, especially when unsure of your rights. You don’t have to let the insurance companies push you around. Fight back and get what’s rightfully yours.

    Workers’ Compensation Is Complicated—Let Us Be Your Guide

    Getting the help you deserve from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance isn’t simple. There’s a lot of red tape that can make things hard and result in them denying your claim.

    You need a strong and experienced team to stand up to the insurance company and their lawyers so you get the money you deserve. We’ll lead you through every step, like:

    • Not taking no for an answer when they don’t want to treat you.
    • Making sure you see a fair and independent doctor for an evaluation.
    • Doing all the paperwork to claim your workers’ compensation.

    Call Now for a Free Consultation

    To learn more about hiring us as your workers’ compensation attorney, please call 213-674-3354 now and request a free consultation. Remember, no money is ever due upfront for our services. You only pay if we win your case.

    Workers’ compensation is complex. You need aggressive representation to fight the insurance company and the insurance company’s attorney. We will have your back through all the steps required to get you the compensation you deserve.

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    Google Reviews

    Lorena Moran
    Lorena Moran
    1 June 2023
    I am very pleased with this firm. I had jake representing me and I can honestly say him and his team were the best they were so kind. This being my first time reaching out to an Attorney I was very nervous. They made me feel confident in my case and heard. I will 100000% recommend to everyone else.
    Geoff Blevins
    Geoff Blevins
    10 January 2023
    Employment Lawyers
    Jordyn Hernandez
    Jordyn Hernandez
    25 December 2022
    I had an enjoyable experience with this law firm. Jake Finkel was especially helpful, supportive, and communicative. I was glad my family went with this firm as our representatives.
    Sopha P.
    Sopha P.
    22 November 2022
    Third time was an absolute charm, not sure how I came across The Finkel Firm but I found and stuck with them after a third call and glad I did! Every staff I spoke with were extremely compassionate and I always felt heard, and cared for. I had Sheryl representing me in my case and she is very knowledgeable, professional, knows the law and will stand beside and fight for you! I recommend this team 1000% I went through a hard time but Sheryl and the team were there for me from start to finish. If Sheryl was ever busy with another case she made sure to squeeze me in as soon as she could. Never kept me waiting for long. She’s attentive to details and kept me feeling at ease through and through. I’ve learned a lot having Sheryl as my attorney. I don’t wish to go through or for anyone to go through the same experience I’ve had but if I did and If you’re looking for an attorney definitely give Sheryl a call. 10/10 she’s the best (long overdue review)
    Ann G
    Ann G
    19 November 2022
    Where do I even begin! I’ve never had a more caring, compassionate, dedicated and professional experience with any attorney in my life. Jake Finkel not only fought for my justice but made me feel supported emotionally throughout the entire process of my case and it was a LONG ONE! With his packed and busy schedule, I still have no idea how he managed to dedicate so much of his energy and time into discussing my needs, my case, my feelings, my expectations, and my concerns. I couldn’t find enough words of gratitude to use in describing what Jake and his incredible team had done for my case. My case was extremely difficult, with many challenges and obstacles, yet Jakes firm found ways around every single bump in the road! They researched thoroughly and made sure that I would get the best in my settlement. My case was gruesome and played a heavy toll on me on all levels - if it wasn’t for Jakes texts and calls to Push me through, I have no idea how I would have stayed sane. I wouldn’t have traded him with anyone else representing me! Every person in his firm that worked with me, cared deeply about my case and hope that Jake continues to rock everyones world in his law profession. This man is not just a talented shark in the mediation and court room but also an incredible human being that I now consider my friend. Thank you so much Jake and FINKEL TEAM! I will never forget how hard you fought me and succeeded! Sending my blessings in prosperity!
    D. S.
    D. S.
    9 November 2022
    I cannot in all honesty find all the words to describe my wholehearted adoration and respect for Jake, Max, and his team at The Finkel Firm. Although my case wasn’t necessarily unique, it was one that required experienced and compassionate hands to successfully litigate, and the end result was one that I couldn’t be happier with. The amount of love and care that was put into my case was incredible. Every email was responded to. Every worry was addressed. Every step of the process was explained in detail, and every breath used to speak to my experience on my behalf was intentional, factual, undeniable, and compassionate with full purpose. Jake and Max, you guys changed my idea of what good lawyers should look like, and your team of superstars (and the end result) speaks to the kind of leaders and people you guys truly are. I thank you for treating me like a top priority at all times, and above all, treating me with respect and empathy during one of the most stressful and unfortunate moments in my life. I’ll never forget it.
    Hilda Ganjian
    Hilda Ganjian
    9 November 2022
    I was involved in a hit and run incident and was referred to the Finkel firm from a family member. I am thankful for the Finkel firm for giving me the red carpet treatment, answering all my questions and helping me win my case. 10/10 Recommended
    Alex Ganjian
    Alex Ganjian
    9 November 2022
    My mother unfortunately was involved in a car accident. Fortunately there are law firms like Finkel Firm that are able to help in every way, from dealing with the insurance company to referring me to a great Dr that helped with her pain, as well as helping me with transportation when I needed it. Would refer to everyone!
    William Burns
    William Burns
    5 November 2022
    Finkle law firm some of the best friends I’ve had they are just full hard-working Attorney's.
    Steven Dash
    Steven Dash
    31 October 2022
    I was very pleased with the Finkel Law firm. Sheryl Marx was my personal attorney and I was very pleased with her. she kept me informed always return my calls and text messages and I believe gave me the strongest advice for a favorable outcome. She showed me to be very professional Even the founder Jake Finkel met with me and showed not only knowledge but Interest in the case. I receive five star treatment.