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    Injured On The Job & No One Is Helping?

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    It’s normal to feel lost after you’ve been injured at work. Right after your injury, things can get really tough and frustrating. Common issues we see are:

    • Getting the Right Care: A lot of times, doctors don’t give injured workers the care they need. They might say you’re fine and send you back to work, even when you’re not okay. Meanwhile, your real injury stays untreated.
    • Chasing Answers from Adjusters: Sometimes, it may seem like the adjuster or insurance company is on your side to help you heal. But that’s often not true. They make it an uphill battle to reach them, and you might end up in voicemail limbo. They think you don’t know the system and want you to give up. But you don’t have to. You deserve better. And that is where we come in.
    • Insurance Not Paying When You Can’t Work: By law in California, if you’re hurt and can’t do your job, you are owed money to make up for your lost wages while you get better. But this is often denied for no reason. You might get sent to shady doctors or just not get paid. It’s tough to stand up for yourself, especially when unsure of your rights. You don’t have to let the insurance companies push you around. Fight back and get what’s rightfully yours.

    Workers’ Compensation Is Complicated—Let Us Be Your Guide

    Getting the help you deserve from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance isn’t simple. There’s a lot of red tape that can make things hard and result in them denying your claim.

    You need a strong and experienced team to stand up to the insurance company and their lawyers so you get the money you deserve. We’ll lead you through every step, like:

    • Not taking no for an answer when they don’t want to treat you.
    • Making sure you see a fair and independent doctor for an evaluation.
    • Doing all the paperwork to claim your workers’ compensation.

    Call Now for a Free Consultation

    To learn more about hiring us as your workers’ compensation attorney, please call 213-674-3354 now and request a free consultation. Remember, no money is ever due upfront for our services. You only pay if we win your case.

    Workers’ compensation is complex. You need aggressive representation to fight the insurance company and the insurance company’s attorney. We will have your back through all the steps required to get you the compensation you deserve.

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